Mercar Limited is a UK based company specialising in the import and distribution of Latin American food products in the UK and Europe. Our company was created in London in 2003, in order to satisfy the growing demand of the Latin American community in the UK.

We are the proud authorised distributors in the UK of trusted brands from South America and Spain, such as, Postobon –number one in soft drinks in Colombia-, Vichy Catalan -leading supplier of mineral water in Spain and sponsors of Barcelona football team-, Nestle Colombia -leading company in the biscuits industry worldwide-, among other important suppliers.

Mercar Ltd. currently has around 200 active clients in the UK with whom we maintain excellent business relationships. Mercar supplies the majority of Latin American, Asian and Afro Caribbean stores in London, as well as many Off License shops, Latin restaurants, international supermarkets and Cash and Carry businesses. Mercar Ltd. also has an extensive network of exports to Spain, France, Belgium and Holland.

This website will allow you to learn more about our company, products and retailers. Our store’s locator is the easiest way to find your nearest store or Latin restaurant.

Mercar Recommends
Font D'or

Natural Mineral Water
Font D'or is the Natural Mineral water brand that most distinguishes itself for its extraordinary purity and growing market share. This water comes with the guarantee that its composition is always the same because it is collected from just one spring, at an altitude of 1.000 metres in the Montseny-Guilleries Massif (Girona) – the best natural filter available – and the result is an extremely pure water with a balanced mineral content, providing the vital harmony that the body needs.

Its mineral content enhances the digestion, particularly the digestion of milk, which explains why it has always been recommended for use in preparing baby foods. It is also a feature in the world of gastronomy: prestigious chefs and a great many housewives use it as a prime element in cooking their dishes, on account of its distinguished qualities. Thus Font D’or water is part of our everyday lives from our earliest childhood on through all the meals we enjoy every day thereafter.

Soda Postobon

(PET 2.5 L x 8)

Carbonated Apple flavoured soft drink.

Brand: Postobon

Origin: Colombia

Packing: Non returnable glass bottle of 300 ml

Harina P.A.N. Pre-Cooked White Corn Flour
(1 Kg x 20 u)
Pre-cooked corn P.A.N. flour is mainly used to make the maize flour dough also known as "masarepa" which is basic ingredient in delicious typical Colombian and Venezuelan dishes, such as, arepas, empanadas, hallacas and bollos. P.A.N flour is easy to digest and contains no additives, being suitable for gluten-free and nut-free diets.



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